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Adriano Pinto 

DPLG Architect - Architect of the project

73000 Chambéry

This project, located in a rapidly developing section of Aix-les-Bains, is intended to reflect the culture of Lubavitch.


Throughout the planning and design, we sought to reinterpret the house in Brooklyn which has become a symbol of Lubavitch.


The characteristic architectural elements of the building are in the composition of the triple facade, with its openings, cornices, ornaments, and roofs. These have been reinterpreted, using contemporary local architectural materials.


This project will become a beacon of the Lubavitch community, while integrating into the surrounding urban landscape.


Sandrine Hoffman

Special Educational Teacher

73100 Aix-les-Bains

The Nagar family invited me with my son and awakened within us the desire to become acquainted with the historical culture of our roots.


Community meals in the Chabad House have been wonderful and full of good taste—in both senses of the expression.


Each time we get together, it is an opportunity to discover traditions, to learn about mitzvos, to borrow books, and to get clear, insightful answers to our many questions,


Sandrine Hoffman, Special Educational Teacher


David Roche


Wholesale Tiling

74150 Rumilly

Thanks to Chabad of Aix-les-Bains for its welcome, smile, and availability.

Thank you for being the light in this darkness!

I am contributing all of the tiles for this wonderful project.


I hope that this project succeeds, because Aix-les-Bains needs a place like this. And especially since it is proposed by Mr. Nagar, who could not be more welcoming and who advocates the values ​​of Lubavitch, a community that promotes the essential values ​​of tolerance.

Benjamin Scaillon

Physiotherapist and Osteopathic Masseur

73100 Pugny Chatenod


Description of the Project

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